Since eosio-cpp is the new compiler, and it is different from the old compiler eosiocpp, I think this tag should be allowed.


I think this is a good idea, so I created the tag and tested it on this question:

eosio-cpp get stucked when compiling “helloworld” contract

̶w̶̶e̶̶ ̶̶s̶̶h̶̶o̶̶u̶̶l̶̶d̶̶ ̶̶a̶̶d̶̶a̶̶p̶̶t̶̶ ̶̶t̶̶h̶̶e̶̶ ̶̶t̶̶a̶̶g̶̶ ̶̶d̶̶e̶̶s̶̶c̶̶r̶̶i̶̶p̶̶t̶̶i̶̶o̶̶n̶̶ ̶̶a̶̶s̶̶ ̶̶w̶̶e̶̶l̶̶l̶̶.̶


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