Seeing as there are a few eosio-based blockchain networks (and likely more to come), should we handle these network-specific questions via a tag identifying the specific network/chain? I assume such questions are appropriate & relevant.

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    Fantastic question, I suppose so yes, the stack exchange is EOSIO which represents the software, not the main chain. Given the different characteristics of each chain, it makes sense to have different tags to filter. Should we implement this system, however, what's the likelihood of askers knowing to add such a tag? – John Williamson Jul 31 at 9:07
  • @JohnWilliamson Developers new to SE may not know. In these cases, if it's obvious to moderators, reviewers or other users, they could create/add tag to the posts as they come across them. – Don Peat Jul 31 at 21:09
  • Yeah makes sense! Will wait and see what others think on the idea. – John Williamson Jul 31 at 23:41

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